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Artwork / Aug 14, 2023

Censorship Controversy Surrounds Politically Charged Street Art Exhibition in Mesa

After an unexpected postponement of a politically contentious street art installation, the Arizonan city of Mesa finds itself at the center of an argument over purported censorship. The main reason for this delay, according to the local news source Arizona's Family, was a contentious piece of art by renowned artist Shepard Fairey that emphasized themes of police brutality.

The dispute centers on Fairey's "My Florist Is a Dick" (2015) print, which shows a police officer holding a baton that changes into a vivid red flower while wearing riot gear. The daring accompanying text declares, "My florist is a dick. Your days are over when his day begins.

It has been made clear by Fairey, who is well-known for the iconic "Hope" poster he created with Barack Obama, that the character in "My Florist Is a Dick" was inspired by the 1988 John Carpenter film "They Live." The piece of art, which was produced in 2015 in response to the shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson the year before, also speaks to Fairey's own experience with police violence. He has said that while detained, he was refused insulin for his diabetes and that law enforcement personnel had physically aggressive behavior toward him. According to Fairey, "Cops are frequently dicks who abuse power."

The debate surrounding the cancellation of this piece of art has sparked a wider discussion about censorship, artistic freedom, and the function of public art in addressing pressing societal issues. Others feel that the inflammatory nature of the artwork may require cautious examination in a public setting, while some claim that the postponement violates the artist's right to express opposing opinions.

Mesa's handling of this problematic scenario highlights the ability of art to incite discussion and subvert social conventions, while also posing issues with expression's boundaries and the fine line between creative freedom and the needs of the general public.

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